Fellows Program Nomination

Fellow status within HNS is an honor that acknowledges remarkable contributions to the field of cultural neuropsychology that have garnered national or international renown. Fellows are members of the HNS who are in good standing and have advanced the science and profession of cultural neuropsychology. Fellow status entails that an individual’s career be distinguished in some in the following areas: active research program, scholarly publications, teaching/mentoring, professional service and leadership within the HNS, advancement of the field of cultural neuropsychology, and distinction as an evidence-based clinician.

Upon award of Fellow status, HNS Fellows are expected to continue serving the field through leadership in the HNS, mentor more junior members of the HNS, participate in the HNS community and organizational activities, and maintain their membership in the HNS. Akin to all HNS professional members, HNS Fellows may hold elected office and serve on committees or task forces.

HNS Fellow Eligibility

Fellow status is considered for individuals who have:

1) been HNS professional members for at least 5 years and remain in good standing.

2) 10 years post-doctoral experience in clinical neuropsychology and recognized expertise in cultural neuropsychology as defined by their clinical, scholarly, and professional activity.

3) substantially contributed to the science and/or profession of cultural neuropsychology through distinguished research, scholarship, teaching/mentoring, leadership & service, and/or practice.

Please note: The nominee for the award should complete the application that follows. Three letters of support will need to be uploaded as part of the application.

You must be logged in as a current HNS fellow or professional member to submit a nomination.

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Dr. Silva’s parents immigrated from Panama and Chile to the United States, and she was born and raised in melting pot that is New York City. She grew up speaking Spanish at home and feels fortunate to have grown up in an environment where cultural diversity was the norm, not the exception.

During her training to become a neuropsychologist, Dr. Silva was often asked to work with Spanish-speaking patients, though most training sites did not have supervisors who also spoke Spanish or had sufficient cultural knowledge relevant to Latinx populations. She joined HNS as a student and found mentorship and training resources that helped her gain competency in providing neuropsychological services to these patients. Dr. Silva has served on the HNS Board as Member-at-Large (2014-2016) and Secretary (2019-2022). She has also been involved with several committees over the years and is currently serving as the Chair of the Information Technology (IT) Committee. She views HNS as the main organization to promote development of professional resources and scientific advancements in neuropsychology that are specific to Latinx groups; she is honored to help the organization in any way she can. 

Dr. Silva is the owner of Pacific Neurobehavioral Clinic, PC, a group practice in San Diego, California that offers neuropsychological evaluation and psychotherapy services to adults with various neuropsychiatric conditions. She engages in clinical and civil forensic work and oversees the clinic operations.

Educational, training and professional experiences include:

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology – Florida Institute of Technology
  • Post-doctoral fellowships – Fullerton Neuropsychological Services, St. Jude Medical Center (one year; neurorehabilitation) and University of California San Diego (one year; clinical neuropsychology)
  • Staff neuropsychologist at Sharp Memorial and Grossmont hospitals from 2009-2012
  • Board certified through the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) in Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) for the state of California
  • Treasurer and Current Chair of California Psychological Association-Division 8 (Neuropsychology)

In her spare time, Dr. Silva enjoys playing and making music (piano and electronic instruments; she recently took up learning how to play the theremin), playing tennis, karaoke, and spending time with family and friends.